Corrpro Anode Adapter Lead

Anode Adaptor Lead
Internal Vessel Anode Adapters are designed to mitigate corrosion inside of a tank or vessel. To monitor the anode and its effectiveness in between turn-around cycles of the tank, a shunted Anode Adapter Lead allows you to check the current transfer between the anode and the structure. Built with a 0.01 Ohm wire shunt, the anode adapter lead can measure voltage difference between the two sides of the shunt while also allowing usage of a clamp on ammeter. When the anode adapter is installed with the corresponding insulating kit, the adapter lead will complete the metallic path required to complete the cathodic protection circuit.
  • 0.01 Ohm Wire Shunt
  • 5/8” ring terminals on each end to easily bolt on to the tank/vessel.
  • 1 meter of coiled wire is included to allow you to connect on many different types of tank/vessels.
The Anode Adapter Lead is to be installed from the centre mounting bolt of the internal vessel anode adapter and connected to the tank through an accessible bolt.

To order the Anode Adapter Lead, please indicate the quantity you require and if an anode adapter, sacrificial anode or anode support mechanism is required alongside the adapter lead.


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