Corrpro Deep-well Surface Casing

Corrpro Casting Vent
When installing a deep-well impressed current cathodic protection system it is important to identify the installation location as well as allow the venting of any possible gases from the groundbed. Corrpro’s Deep-well Surface Casing with removable lid allows you to do just that. Built with a 12” housing, the surface casing provides a path for the anode leads to rise from the anode bed and out of the chamber to head towards the junction panel. The removable lid provides venting of any possible chlorine gases and acts as an identification marker
  • 12 inches in diameter PVC casing
  • Side hole in the casing and support bar for anode leads to come out of the ground and go to the junction panel
  • Coated steel casing lid allows venting of the anode bed
The Deep-well Surface Casing is to be installed directly over the anode bed when completing the backfilling of the deep-well. The leads of the anodes are to be ran into the bottom of the surface casing, over the support bar, taking any tension off the termination point of the anode, and out the side hole of the surface casing, allowing for easy access when running the leads into a junction panel.

This item should be ordered with all Deep-well anode beds. When ordering, it is best to determine how many anodes you require, along with any backfill materials.


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