Corrpro Support Roller - Wooden

Wooden Roller
Weight can be an issue when installing multiple anodes through a vessel port. Corrpro’s Wooden Anode Roller with 316 stainless steel hardware not only supports the anode from sagging but also allows easier installation by allowing the anode to roll into the vessel.
Made from a single piece of wood and lathed down to conform to the anodes form
Roller is 3” wide and 2-1/2” tall
316 stainless steel hardware included to secure the tank
The wooden support roller is to be installed inside the tank at the end of the anode support arm. Attached using the included hardware, the support roller isolates the anode from the support arm, not allowing the anode and structure metals direct contact. The roller and support arm will bear the weight of the anode so the anode does not sag over time. 

When ordering the anode support roller, please keep in mind the number of anodes that are required per assembly. Please indicate if you may also require the sacrificial anode, anode adaptor or adaptor lead to complete the installation. 


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