High Potential Cast Magnesium Aqueous Anodes

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Mag Block
High potential Magnesium Cast Anodes are a great option when high driving potential is required. The cast anodes are designed with the ability in mind to connect directly onto the structure with minimal additional items. Only requiring a ¾” bolt to connect, the high potential magnesium anode can be easily connected and replaced from your structure. High potential magnesium anodes have a nominal corrosion potential of -1.75V when referenced to a Copper-copper sulfate reference electrode. 
  • Available in two sizes, 8”x8”x2” and 8”x8”x4”
  • 3/4” galvanized centred pipe core for direct mounting of anode
  • Ideal for situations requiring rapid polarization
Magnesium High Potential Alloy

Corrpro aqueous magnesium anodes have a variety of fresh and salt water applications. These include ship hulls, barges, condensers, heat exchangers, chillers, piers, pilings, lock and dam tainters and sluice gates. Because magnesium produces a high-driving potential, these types of anodes are also used for rapid polarization of structures in salt water environments.

When ordering, please indicate that you need a high potential Magnesium cast anode, and specify the size and quantity desired for the project. 


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