High Potential Magnesium Vessel Anodes

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When driving potential is in great need inside a vessel to attain cathodic protection, High Potential Magnesium Vessel Anodes should be considered. High potential Magnesium anodes are most commonly used in soil based application; however, when an aqueous application requires high driving potential and an impressed current option is not economical, high potential Magnesium anodes are the best option. High potential Magnesium anodes have a driving potential of -1.75V CSE, compared to H-1A Magnesium’s -1.55V CSE, Zinc’s -1.10V CSE or Aluminum’s -1.05V CSE. Corrpro provides the high potential anodes in a 3” diameter by 22” length or 3” diameter by 30” length.

Both the 3”x22” and 3”x30” anodes come with a 5/8” N/F/ threaded male end and female end. By going with this design option it gives the user easy threaded installation onto a bolt or through a hole, while also providing the option to thread multiple anodes together when applications require more surface area or weight. A common mounting option for the anode is to use the anode in conjunction with an Internal Vessel Anode Adaptor. Using this mounting option provides the user with easy monitoring options of the anode, while also providing easy access for replacement when the anode is consumed.

  • Comes in either a 3”x22” or 3”x30” cylindrical shape.
  • Connects using 5/8” N.F. threaded male to female ends, allowing easy installation onto a Corrpro internal vessel anode adaptor or when connecting multiple anodes together. 
  • Ideal for situations requiring rapid polarization
  • Provides a higher driving potential compared to the standard H-1A alloy. 
Magnesium High Potential Alloy
Corrpro aqueous magnesium anodes have a variety of fresh and salt water applications. These include ship hulls, barges, condensers, heat exchangers, chillers, piers, pilings, lock and dam tainters and sluice gates. Because magnesium produces a high-driving potential, these types of anodes are also used for rapid polarization of structures in salt water environments.

Corrpro supplies the high potential Magnesium anode in 3”x22” length or 3”x30” length. When ordering high potential Magnesium vessel anode, please consider the amount of anode and the size of anodes required for you to complete the task. Also, keep in mind if any internal vessel anode adaptors and anode adaptor leads are required.


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