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Used for Cathodic Protection purposes since the 19th century, Packaged Zinc Soil anodes are widely used as an effective method of mitigating corrosion in select soil conditions. Manufactured to the ASTM B-418-01, Type II alloy standard, generating an open circuit potential of -1.10V CSE. Made from 99.99% pure zinc, Corrpro Zinc anodes offer 90% current efficiency with a current capacity of 335 amp – hours /lb. This high purity composition also assures the anodes are more resistant to passive films.

Packaged Zinc Soil Anodes come standard in a Cardboard tube but are also available in a cloth cotton bag. The anodes are produced in a variety of weights, and are packaged in a 75% gypsum, 20% bentonite and 5% sodium sulfate mixture for use in low resistivity soil environments.


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  • ASTM B-418-01, Type II alloy for soil conditions
  • Standard packaging in a cardboard tube with 75% gypsum, 20% bentonite, 5% sodium sulfate backfill
  • Open circuit potential of -1.1 volts (with respect to copper sulfate reference cell)
  • Made from 99.99% pure high grade zinc
  • 90% current efficiency with a current capacity of 335 amp – hours /lb.


Zinc Type II chemical Comp

Packaged Zinc anodes are recommended in soils with resistivities below 1000 ohm-cm. Because these anodes have a lower driving potential than Magnesium, they are most effective on well coated steel structures requiring minimal current output. The packages anodes are most commonly used as grounding cells on electrical motors, panels and conduits, and across insulators in pipelines to limit dangerous high voltages. Zinc anodes should not be used in extremely alkaline (above 9.2 pH), acidic (5 pH), or high temperature (60°C, 140°F) electrolytes.

Corrpro zinc anodes are available in a variety of weights and dimensions. When ordering a Packaged Zinc Anode, please indicate the size of Zinc anode you are looking for, if you require cardboard or cloth packaged and what AWG size and length of wire required. 


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