Zinc Drive-in Anode

Zinc Drive-in Anode
In applications where a small length of steel that is highly coated requires minimal protection, the 2lb Zinc Drive-in anode is a cost effective and efficient option. Only requiring a drive-in tool for installation, minimal tools are required to completed the install. Zinc anodes are the ideal selection for soil conditions with low soil resistivity and where the structure you are protecting is highly coated. 
  • 2 lbs. Zinc Anode, manufactured to ASTM B-418-01 Type II alloy standards
  • Assembly comes complete with 3m (10 ft.) of #10 AWG RWU-90 white cable
Zinc Type II chemical Comp
The 2lb drive-in anode is easy to install for an efficient cathodic protection solution. Using a drive-in tool, the anode should be installed within 2-3 feet of the intended structure. The anode comes with a 3m (10ft.) lead that gives you enough wire to attached the anode to the pipe using a clamp on or bolt on terminating connection.

When ordering the drive-in anodes, please identify the number of anodes you may require and if any connection methods are required to complete your task.


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