Zinc Ribbon Anode

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Zinc Ribbon Anode

Although the industry has experiences considerable success with the application of Zinc ribbons for induced AC and fault currents, one of the challenges has been the use of zinc ribbons in cold weather environments (typically less than 52°F, 11°C). Having worked with the University of Wisconsin, the General Research Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals (GRINM) and American Carbon, Corrpro has developed a Zinc material that is designed for challenging colder weather climates. Further, this state-of-the-art materials meets the most stringent industry standards, including ASTM-B-418 Type II standards and is ROHS compliant. It is manufactured in an ISO 9000 certified facility. 

The new generation of high-quality Zinc material generates an open circuit potential of -1.10V CSE. Made from 99.99% pure high-grade Zinc, Corrpro’s Zinc anodes offer a 90 percent current efficiency and deliver a current capacity of 335 amp-hrs/lb. This high-purity composition also ensures the anode material is more resistant to passive films. In fact, Corrpro’s zinc anodes meet the highest industry standards. 

  • Available in four sizes: Small, Standard, Plus and Super size
  • Small Size – 11/32” x 13/32” dimensions, 0.25 lb/ft (0.372 kg/m)
  • Standard Size – ½” x 9/16” dimensions, 0.6 lb/ft (0.893 kg/m)
  • Plus Size – 5/8” x 7/8” dimensions, 1.2 lb/ft (1.785 kg/m)
  • Super Size – 1: x 1-1/4” dimensions, 2.4 lb/ft (3.57 kg/m)
  • Conforms to ASTM-B-418 Type II alloy standards
Zinc Type II chemical Comp
Zinc extruded ribbon anode can be used for cathodic protection in buried tank and pipeline applications, as well as in fresh, brackish or salt-water environments. It can also be used for AC mitigation and grounding of overhead structures. Corrpro’s extruded Zinc ribbon is designed for cold weather applications which still conforming to ASTM-B-418 Type II alloy standards.

When ordering Extruded Zinc ribbon from Corrpro, please indicate which anode ribbon size you are planning on using. Each size of ribbon comes in different coil or spool sizes. Please indicate the amount of anode material in linear feet you may require.


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