Zinc Vessel Anodes

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Zinc Treater Anode
Stopping corrosion beings with selecting an appropriate protection material. On many marine type structures, this material is Zinc. Corrpro offers a cast 3” diameter by 22” length or 3” diameter by 30” length anode for use on structures in brackish and salt water environments. The anodes are cast using 99.99% pure high-grade Zinc and the ASTM-B-418 Type I chemical composition standard. Through the addition of nominal percentages of Aluminum and Cadmium, Corrpro Zinc anodes are resistant to the formation of Zinc oxide around the anode surface, which restricts current flow and can shorten anode life. Their unique composition also allows for a current capacity of 354 amp-hr/lb, and an open circuit voltage of    -1.10V CSE. 
  • Open circuit voltage of -1.10V CSE
  • Current capacity of 354 amp-hr/lb
  • Manufactured using the ASTM-B-418 Type I chemical composition standard
  • Available in 3” diameter by 22” length or 3” diameter by 30” length
  • 5/8” N.F. threaded male and female end for easy installation or to connect multiple anodes together
Zinc Type II chemical Comp
Corrpro cast Zinc anodes are designed for use on ships, vessels, piers, pilings and other metal structure in, or containing, brackish and salt water environments. The anode may be connected directly to the structure using the 5/8” N.F. threaded rod connection in the anode or with the use of an Internal Vessel Anode Adaptor. The use of these anodes should be avoided in areas where temperatures may exceed 60°C (140°F). This is because Zinc is prone to polarity reversal under these conditions. 

Corrpro offers the cast Zinc anodes to address a multitude of applications. To order the required anode for your structure, indicate that you need a cast Zinc anode, which length you may require, and the quantity desired.


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