Anotec High Silicon Cast Iron Z-series Anodes

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HSCI 2660Z

High Silicon Cast Iron (HSCI) anodes are widely used when designing an impressed current cathodic protection system. Available in a variety of sizes and weights, the Anotec Z-series HSCI anodes can be used in a variety of applications, from close proximity protection, semi-deep or deep well installations for large distribution and installed directly in water. Pre-terminated with a 10ft. (3m) #8 AWG HMWPE-MDPE lead, the anode is ready for installation. When installed with the appropriate coke breeze backfill, the HSCI Z-series anode works at maximum efficiency for a long anode lifespan.


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 • Available in a variety of sizes in either 60” (1524mm) or 84” (2133mm) formats
Come standard with 10 ft. (3 meters) of #8 HMWPE/MDPE Cathodic Cable
Customer length and conductor type available (HMWPE/MDPE, HALAR, or RWU-90)
Can be configured to be pre-packaged in steel cannister with petroleum coke.
ASTM A518 Grade 3 



HSCI Size Charts


The Anotec HSCI Z-series Anode can be installed in either a horizontal or vertical fashion. Using Alcoke calcined petroleum coke breeze as a backfill, the anode can be installed in a semi-deep 12” hole, stacked 2-3 anodes high for efficient blanketed cathodic protection coverage or horizontally in a bed of coke breeze where proximity protection may be required. The 10ft. (3m) lead may be spliced on to when additional length of cable for terminating is required.

When ordering the anode, please indicate the size and quantity of anodes required for your project. Please indicate if the standard length of wire would work or if a custom configured wire is required. Also keep in mind the recommended amount of Alcoke coke breeze required to properly backfill around the anode.

If an anode size is not available please contact a Corrpro Product Specialist for pricing and availability.

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HSCI 2660Z /w 3m Lead – 54549993

HSCI 2284Z /w 3m Lead – 54550273

HSCI 2684Z /w 3m Lead – 54550281

HSCI 3884Z /w 3m Lead – 54550302


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