Mixed Metal Oxide Ribbon Anode

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Cathodic protection is an economical method for controlling corrosion on above ground storage tank bottoms. While sacrificial systems can be used, impressed current designs have proven to be more cost effective and easier to install. To address this application, Corrpro manufactures impressed current tank bottom anodes that employ a patented grid-shape geometry. The anodes are composed of a titanium ribbon substrate coated with a Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) catalyst. Because the Titanium substrate is naturally passivated by an oxidizing film, the ribbon anode remains dimensionally stable over time. Direct current transfer is accomplished through the mixed metal oxide catalyst which is highly conductive, and fully oxidized so that higher current outputs are possible. This two-part composition allows for a maximum current density of 5.0 mA/ft. to achieve a 50 - 100 year design life. 

In addition, to compositional advantages, the unique configuration of Corrpro’s anodes offer numerous other benefits. Spacing between the metal anode strips can be adjusted to achieve various design life requirements. The anode can also be easily cut so that placement may be made under all areas of the tank. Because the strips are electrically continuous, multiple paths are available for current flow. This in turn lowers the driving voltage required for protection, and provides the anode with redundant electrical connections for increased reliability. Greater dependability is also achieved through the elimination of field splices. 

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  • Available in 1/4” (6.4 mm) and 1/2” (12.7 mm) widths 
  • Maximum current density of 5.0 mA/ft.
Corrpro’s Mixed Metal Oxide ribbon anodes are designed for use on both newly constructed above ground storage tanks with secondary containment liners, and existing tanks utilizing double-bottom construction. Unlike other impressed current tank bottom anodes, Corrpro’s ribbon anodes do not require coke breeze. They can be used in sand with various levels of moisture and salt content, and can be designed to provide effective protection for 50 years or more. 
Corrpro’s Mixed Metal Oxide anodes deliver long term protection to above ground storage tank bottoms. To order the required anode material for your structure, indicate that you need a Mixed Metal Oxide ribbon anode. Specify the anode width and the number of linear feed desired. The anode ribbon is available in standard 500ft reels. Please also keep in mind if you may require Titanium conductor bar.

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