Close Interval Survey Wire

Survey Wire
When attempting to identify current distribution on an underground pipe or to assist in the detection of coatings holidays, a close interval survey is one of the best options to complete these tasks. To do so, consistent connection with the pipe or structure must be made and Survey Wire helps to do so. Survey wire comes in 32-gauge size and in a 3-mile length per spool. The wire is coated with a polyurethane/nylon coating for abrasion resistance and easy removal from the spool.
32-gauge wire size in a 3-mile one-piece length
Coated with Polyurethane/nylon coating
The Close Interval Survey Wire docks with standard close interval survey equipment. While completing the survey you spool off lengths of wire while walking above the pipe to record consistent readings of the structures CP distribution. A constant connection with the pipe is required through physical connection or through test stations.

Close Interval Survey Wire comes in 32-gauge size in a 3-mile one-piece length. When ordering, identify the number of spools required to complete the project.

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