HALAR Direct Burial Cable

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Cathodic protection stops corrosion attack on metallic structures by making a complete electrical circuit. To create a system with high circuit reliability it is important to use a lead wire cable, which is rugged enough to withstand the most severe environments. HALAR is just such a cable. It is composed of stranded copper wire covered by two layers of insulation. The outer insulation layer, or protective jacket, is made from high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE). It exhibits superior dielectric and tensile strength, and provides mechanical protection to the wire. The material is also resistant to water intrusion and is not affected by most organic or inorganic substances. The inner or primary insulation is composed of HALAR, a fluorocopolymer. This insulating material demonstrates exceptional chemical resistance. In the presence of Chlorine, Hydrochloric acid, Sulfuric acid, or other strong oxidizing agents the material remains stable. Further, it will not deteriorate when exposed to petroleum hydrocarbons, which are encountered in numerous cathodic protection applications. 

The HALAR cable distributed by Corrpro is made specifically for cathodic protection applications. It can withstand considerable abuse during installation without risk of damage. Prior to applying the two insulation layers, the copper wire on the HALAR cable is coated with tin. This prevents oxidation from occurring on the wire strands and ensures good electrical condition over the life of the cathodic protection system. 

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  • Available in #1/0 AWG to #8 AWG
  • Insulation meets ASTM D 1248 I, Class A, Cat. 4, Grade E5
  • Bare copper conforms to ASTM B-8
  • Ideal for direct burial
  • Sunlight resistant, Abrasion resistant
HALAR Cable Data Chart
HALAR cable is designed for making anode lead connections in a wide range of environments. Due to its dual insulation construction, it can be installed directly in native soils or submerged in fresh, brackish, or salt waters. The cable is ideal for deep anode bed installations where chlorine and hydrogen gases are generated. The HALAR cable will not embrittle at temperatures as low as -75°C (-105°F), and will maintain dimensional stability and dielectric strength at temperatures up to 121°C (250°F). It is also highly resistant to notch propagation.

The HALAR cable may be used as a lead wire for a number of anodes offered by Corrpro. It can also be ordered separately. To order the cable alone for your application, indicate that you need Corrpro’s HALAR cable and specify the lineal feet or meters desired and the wire size.


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