HMWPE/MDPE Cathodic Protection Cable

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Corrpro’s HMWPE/MDPE Cathodic Cable offers a DC cable ideal for underground use with impressed current or galvanic protection systems. Available in a variety of sizes and colours, the cathodic cable can be used in most cathodic protection applications, including connections to pipelines, storage tanks or even for test stations. HMWPE/MDPE cable has a maximum operating temperature of 75°C (167°F), allowing it to be used in buried applications along pipelines or under tanks without the concern of insulation loss. HMWPE/MDPE cathodic cable comes in two main varieties, Black (positive, anode) cable and Coloured (negative, cathode).


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  • Rated for 600 V DC
  • Black (positive, anode) cable available in #8 AWG up to #4/0 AWG
  • Coloured (negative, cathode) cable available in #8 AWG up to #1/0 AWG
  • White cable available in #8 through #1/0
  • Red, Blue and Yellow available in #8 and #6
  • Maximum operating temperature of 75°C (167°F)
  • Black insulation in accordance with ASTM Specification D1248, Type II, Class C, Category 4, Grade J4 and E9
  • Coloured insulation in accordance with ASTM Specification D1248, Type II, Class D, Category 4, Grade J4 and E9
HMWPE-MDPE Cable Data Chart
HMWPE/MDPE cathodic cable can be used on both the positive and negative side of the cathodic protection industry. Black insulation (positive, anode) cable is most commonly used when connecting an impressed current anode bed to a junction box or rectifier. In certain conditions, the cable is adequate to be connected directly to the impressed current anode. Coloured insulation (negative, cathode) cables are most commonly used for negative circuit connections or for continuity bonds of pipelines, storage tanks or other buried or submerged structures. Coloured cables can also be used in test stations or junction boxes to colour indicate what the test lead is connected to underground. Both cable types are ideal for direct burial. The high molecular weight, medium density polyethylene insulation offers mechanical toughness superior to low density polyethylene without compromising the dielectric strength.
HMWPE/MDPE Cathodic Cable is available in 500m (1640 ft.) spools as standard. When ordering, please indicate if positive or negative cable is required, what colour is required and the length in meters or feet you may require. Please keep in mind if you may require test stations or connection methods for the wire.

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