Rigid PVC Electrical Conduit


Electrical cables require additional protection when being installed in exposed and direct burial applications. PVC electrical conduit allows the electrical cable to be protected in a durable, inexpensive and versatile encasement. PVC conduit is one-half the weight of aluminum and one-sixth the weight of steel while also providing UV, chemical and fire resistance.  On top of the weight reduction in handling, labour costs of installation of PVC conduit is significantly lower for PVC conduit due to the ease of cutting and readily available fittings that don’t require labour intensive threading.


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Available from ½” to 8” internal diameters.
Sunlight resistant, Chemical resistant, fire resistant
Nonconductive, noncorroding
Easy joining, easy installation
CSA and UL listed
PVC electrical conduit is to be used in applications where electrical cabling requires to be protected. PVC conduit is suitable for exposed, concrete encased and direct burial applications.
When ordering PVC electrical conduit, please indicate the size of conduit required for the application, the length require for installation, the fittings required to connect and terminate the conduit along with the applicable glue and primer required to seal the conduit together.



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