3M Scotchfil Putty

3M Scotchfil

Used as the primary layer in a three-tape splice, 3M Scotchfil Putty helps to build the first layer of protection for your critical bonds. When packed around the wire splice, Scotchfil provides a smooth, waterproof coating to the area, making it easier to apply other tape layers. Scotchfil putty is UL recognized as a splice insulation when over-wrapped with either Scotch Super 33+ or Super 88.

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  • Used to insulate connections 600 V or less
  • Application temperature of 0°C (32°F) 
  • Max operating temperature of 80° (176°F)
When completing a three-tape splice, Scotchfil is the first layer to be applied. After the wire crimp is complete, apply a portion of Scotchfil putty over the spliced area. Work the putty into all the grooves of the splice, smoothing the area over and leaving no rough patches where a hard copper edge might be. Once this is complete, complete the three-tape splice using Scotch 130C and Super 33+ or Super 88.

When ordering 3M Scotchfil, make sure you order enough to complete your splicing task. Keep in mind that to complete a three-tape splice in full that Scotch 130C and Super 33+ or Super 88 are also required.


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