Calpico T-Cap

Calpico T-Cap

When connecting an exothermic or pin brazing connection, one key part of the process to keep in mind is sealing the exposed surface area. The Calpico T-Cap is a cost effect and easy to install method of sealing the exposed surface. The T-Cap is designed to adhere directly to the surface, covering a 4”x 4” square of exposed steel and providing a protective dome to the connected point. The T-cap can be applied from -7° C (20° F) to 55° C (130° F) and has an operating temperature from -40° C (-40° F) to 82°C (180° F). 


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  • Plastic outer dome to protect the connection
  • Highly adhesive synthetic elastomer backing 
  • Dome filled with soft rubberized compound to flow around connection and wire
  • 125 mils overall thickness
After the exothermic weld or pin brazing connection is completed, the Calpico T-Cap can be applied to the surface. Once debris has been removed from the surface area, peel the release paper from the bottom of the T-Cap and press it over the connection point. Thoroughly press the T-Cap down to ensure all air has escaped from under the cap. For best results, it is recommended to prepare the area with an application of Royston Spray or Polyguard 600. 

When ordering the Calpico T-cap, please note the required number of T-caps that will be required to complete the task. It is recommended to apply a primer to the surface area, it is best to consider the Royston Spray or Polyguard 600 to go along with your purchase.


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