Polyguard 600 Primer

Polyguard 600
Polyguard 600 Primer is a liquid based adhesive most commonly used with Polyguard pipeline coatings & KEMA 250 and 250-12 coatings. Polyguard 600 is a fast drying, rubber based adhesive which enhances the adhesive properties of the coatings being applied. Polyguard 600 can be used in above ground or below ground applications with an operating temperature range of -32°C to 66°C (-25°F to 170°F). 
  • Rubber based adhesive in a solvent solution
  • Application temperature range -4°C to 54°C (25°F to 130°F)
  • Operating temperature range -32°C to 66°C (-25°F to 170°F)
Polyguard 600 primer is a liquid rubber based adhesive. Polyguard 600 is to be used on the surface of the intended structure after the surface has been prepped for the coating repair. The primer should be used in conjunction with KEMA 250 and 250-12 products.
When ordering Polyguard 600 primer, please keep in mind the amount of primer required to complete the task. One gallon of Polyguard 600 can cover 400 ft² (10m² per litre). Also, please keep in mind if you may require additional rolls of KEMA 250 and 250-12 required to complete the project. 

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