Polyken Primer 1619 High Temperature

Polyken 1619
For high temperature applications, Polyken 1619 primer is the recommended base layer to work in conjunction with Polyken 1600HT tapes. Made with thermoplastic elastomer and thermally activated synthetic resins, the 1619 primer is designed to work up to the maximum operating temperature of 121°C (250°F). 1600HT provides an instant tack surface when applying 1600HT tapes, while also providing a uniformly smooth application on rough, reconditioned or grit-blasted pipe surfaces. 1619 liquid adhesive primer is available in 1 gallon pails. 
  • Thermoplastic elastomer and thermally activated synthetic resins
  • Maximum operating temperature of 121°C (250°F)
The Polyken 1619 liquid adhesive primer is the base layer when applying 1600HT tapes. Once the pipes surface is clear of dirt and debris, you can apply the 1619 primer. 1619 can either be hand-brush applied or machine applied when large areas are needing to be coated. Once the area is prepped with 1619 primer, you can apply 1600HT tape.

When ordering Polyken 1619 primer, please note how much primer would be required to complete the task. 1619 primer is available in individual 1 gallon pails. Please keep in mind how much and what size of Polyken 1600HT tape would be required. Polyken 1619 primer can be ordered in individual 1 gallon cans or by the case, 4 cans per case.


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