Polyken 930-35 Corrosion Protection Tape

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Polyken 930-35

Polyken 930-35 is a field applied tape coating with corrosion prevention and protection in mind. Made with a 35 mil (6.5-mil polyethylene backing and 28.5-mil adhesive) thickness, the 930-series tape is suitable for above and below ground use, and has a high level of flexibility allowing it to conform to many applications. 930-35 can either be field applied by hand for small areas of repair or machine applied for larger repair areas. 930-35 is available in 2”, 4” and 6” widths and available in 50 ft rolls. 


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  • Corrosion protection tape (complies with AWWA Standard C-209)
  • Available in 2”, 4” and 6” widths and available in 50 ft rolls
  • Maximum operating temperature 85°C (185°F)
  • UV resistant
  • 6.5-mil backing thickness, 28.5-mil adhesive thickness
Polyken 930-35 is a cold applied tape coating, designed for use on girth welds for water, oil or gas pipelines. When applying the tape, first clean the pipe of all dirt and debris. Once the pipe is cleaned, an application of Polyken 1027 primer is required to complete the bond of the tape onto the pipe. Starting from one end of the exposed area, work the tape around the pipe, allowing a 50% overlap of the tape along the way to provide you with a coating layer and mechanical protection layer.  

When ordering 930-35, please keep in mind the number of rolls required to complete the task. Polyken tapes are sold in case quantities only and each case of 930-35 contains 2 squares of tape (one square = 100 square feet). Polyken 1027 primer is required to apply the tape, it is available in 16 oz. spray cans or 1 gallon pails. 


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