Thomas & Betts C-Tap EZ Ground

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T&B C-Taps Large
When a crimp connection for large conductor sizes is requires, the Thomas & Betts EZ Ground system has many options to complete the task. Available for conductor sizes from #6 sol to 500 kcmil, the EZ ground system offers a strong, reliable connection. Each C-Tap is made from high-conductivity copper to ensure a strong electrical connection. 
Made from high-conductivity copper
For use on cable sizes from #6 AWG to 500 kcmil
CSA certified, UL listed and IEEE 837 compliant for use below ground
Includes an anti-corrosion compound in the crimp area for the conductors
EZ Ground Chart
The E-Z Ground C-Taps are rated for direct burial. Depending on the intended application of the connection, the C-Tap may be coated. The C-Tap is commonly used in AC mitigation applications. 

When ordering the E-Z Ground C-Tap, please indicate which C-Tap you require by either the catalog number or the conductor sizes being connected and the quantity required to complete the task. If coating the connection is required, please indicate the materials required to complete the task.



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