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Spliced wire connections are commonly used in both galvanic and impressed current cathodic protection systems. Small C-Taps by Thomas & Betts offer a more economical method of completing a splice compared to using split bolts or other larger taps. Due to their size, installation time is faster than competing methods and the C-Tap, when installed correctly, is barely larger than the conductor insulation. The C-Taps are available in a variety of sizes that are colour-coded for easy reference when using the appropriate crimping tools.

Made using high-conductivity copper
Colour-coded for easy reference for crimping tools
Available for wire sizes from #14 to #3/0 AWG
CSA Certified and UL Listed for wire splicing


 Small C-tap Table
The copper C-Tap can be used to connect two conductors together at the ends of the cables or to complete a T-splice connection. Once an appropriate amount of conductor is exposed, the C-Tap can be fit onto the cables and crimped together, completing the circuit. To protect the connection from corrosion or damage it is best to use a wire splice kit or three tape splice method over the connection point.
When ordering C-Taps, please indicate the conductor sizes you intend to connect, along with the quantity of connections that will be completed. Corrpro recommends protecting the connection using a wire splice kit or three tape splice on the connection point. 

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