ThermOweld Copper Adapter Sleeves

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ThermOweld molds are designed to work with a variety of wire sizes. When working with smaller diameter cables sizes than your mold is designed for, the use of a copper adapter sleeve is strongly recommended. The sleeve is 1” in length and goes over and crimps onto the lead you are looking at connecting onto your structure. The copper adapter sleeve comes in a variety of sizes to meet you wire size and application.


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  • Made from 99.99% pure copper.
  • Meant to slide onto conductor and work with specific mold (see chart)
thermoweld sleeve shart
The copper adapter sleeve slides onto the exposed conductor of the cable you are looking at completing an exothermic connection with. The sleeve helps the copper wire fit properly with the mold to allow the exothermic process to work at its optimal performance.
Corrpro offers a full line of exothermic copper adapter sleeves. When ordering copper adapter sleeves, please indicate which conductor you are looking to put a sleeve onto and what mold size you are working with. Copper adapter sleeves are sold in packs of 100. 

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