ThermOweld Weld Metal - Steel

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ThermoWeld CP Shot

Exothermic weld connections are the most common type of connection when attaching a copper lead wire onto a steel structure. Thermoweld Weld materials are an inexpensive option of completing this task. Available in a variety of charge sizes, the right weld charge can be purchased to complete the connection. 


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Works for Copper to Cooper welds, Copper to Steel and Copper to Rail.
Available in 15g, 25g. 32g, 45g and 65g charge sizes
Ships in prepackaged boxes of 20, sealed from moisture
Each box contains 20 steel discs to use with appropriate mold and weld metal.                                                                                                                                        
Thermoweld weld metals are used as the ignition charge and welding metal for exothermic weld connections. Exothermic weld connections can be used to connect metallic structures together. The primary methods would be copper to copper, copper to steel or copper to rail. 
Thermoweld weld metal is sold in prepackaged boxes of 20 charges. When ordering the charges, please indicate the correct sizing require for the weld and make note if molds or wires sleeves are required.

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