Corrpro LB Flange Tab Assembly

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LB Flange Assembly
When terminating the negative circuit of a rectifier above ground or when completing permanent bonds between multiple structures, Corrpro offers the LB Flange Tab Assembly to complete the task. Built using a LB conduit body, the tab assembly can terminate single conductor leads, protected with Rigid Galvanized Steel or PVC Conduit. In the instance where multiple leads need to be terminated or when conduit is not ideal, teck cable can also be ran into the LB conduit body. The bolt on tab is designed to work with most ANSI flange bolts where two flanges would meet.   
  • Offered in bolt hole sizes from 5/8” up to 3”
  • Tab is welded onto a 1” hex plug with a 3/8” stud on the bottom side for terminating structure leads
  • Can be assembled using an LB Conduit body or GUAB Conduit body for hazardous locations. 
Bolt-on Sizing Chart
The LB flange tab assembly is designed with the option of bolting either the termination point of the rectifiers negative circuit of an impressed current cathodic protection system onto the structure or when permanent continuity bonds are transferring high amounts of current. With a 3/8” stud welded onto the back of the tab, the conductor wire can be terminated inside the LB conduit body, protecting the wire from the environment. The tab of the assembly is available in multiple hole sizes to work with most ANSI rated flange bolts. 

When ordering the LB flange tab assembly, please indicate the hole size of the bolt the tab will be mounted into. Also, please indicate the number of conductors and AWG size of wire that is to be terminated inside the LB conduit body so the assembly can be sent with the correct terminating lungs. Please also keep in mind if any conduit, wire or teck cable may be required to complete the task.


Please contact out ordering desk if the size you require is not available. 


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