Safetrack Brazing Pin

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Safetrack Brazing Pin

The Safetrack 10051 Brazing Pin is an 8mm pin used for most connection methods. The Brazing pin consists of 4 main parts, the silver capsule, special cleaning flux, special brazing alloy and the brass pin. When the capsule of the brazing pin opens, the special flux powder clears the surface before the silver based special brazing alloy bonds the cable lug, pin and structure together.


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Pin Brazing is a fast and safe connection method that does not compromise the integrity of the structure or coatings on the structure. Pin brazing can be used for direct structure connections for cathodic protection or when used for permanent continuity bonds. Pin Brazing, unlike thermite welding, can be completed safely in all weather conditions. 
All Safetrack consumable items are sold in pre-packaged quantities of 100. When ordering, please indicate which consumables you will require. Please also keep in mind if you may require any wire to complete the task or any coating materials to coat the connection point or repair any coatings removed for the process.

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