Safetrack S30 XC Electronic Pin Brazing Unit


In the field of Cathodic Protection, Pin Brazing is a newer process utilized for completing a physical connection directly onto your structure. Safetrack pin brazers are an industry leader in equipment when it comes to pin brazing. The Safetrack S30 X/C is a complete kit consisting of brazing gun, battery case, grounding magnet, charger, accessory carrying case and optional surface grinder which together provides all the equipment required to complete the connection. In comparison to exothermic weld connections, pin brazing can be completed in any weather condition as there is no exothermic reaction required. To complete the process the brazing machines requires three consumable components; a ceramic ferrule, a brazing pin and a copper cable lug.

Pin brazing occurs at a lower temperature than exothermic welding (650°C/1200°F compared to 900°C+/1650°F+ temperatures). Being at a lower temperature during the connection process, the connection does not cause welding/melting of the pipe or structure resulting in minimal to no loss in the structures integrity and internal coatings with regards to pipes or tanks. Without the use of specialized molds, pin brazing can be completed on vertical and horizontal structures in any direction without changing the base consumable materials required. 



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Available in two models, 9307CP (16AH battery) and 9308CP (13AH Battery)
Capable of completing 40-60 brazings per charge
Comes with Brazing Gun, Battery Case, Grounding Magnet, Charger, Accessory Carrying Case and optional surface Grinder
Unit weight of 22 to 25KG (48 to 55lbs) depending on battery capacity
requires three consumable components; a ceramic ferrule, a brazing pin and a copper cable lug.
Safer connection process as there is no exothermic reaction or risk of steam explosions.
The Safetrack S30X/C is deigned to easily allow you to connect a wire onto any structure easily and quickly. With the used of correct brazing pin, ceramic ferrule and cable lug the connection to the steel structure is the fastest, cleanest and safest connection method available in the industry today.
When ordering a Safetrack pin brazing unit, please provide the model of which unit you would like to purchase along with the number of ceramic ferrules, brazing pins and cable lugs you would require.

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Web ID#: 9308CP – 54041129



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