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The Corrpro CGI-100 is a solid state GPS interrupter designed to exceed industry requirements for a robust interrupter. This is achieved by utilizing a neoprene thermoplastic gasket within a die-cast aluminum enclosure. The CGI-100 combines advanced microprocessor and semiconductor technology with quality components to achieve an advanced “warm to the touch” enclosure while interrupting up to 100A of current for the Cathodic Protection Industry.

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  • Robust and compact die-cast aluminum enclosure
  • Long lasting embedded membrane keypad
  • Robust VFD display
  • Fully solid state internal relay
  • Very low temperature rise @ 100A DC
  • Up to 100A (DC) @ 75VDC interruption capability
  • Externally powered from 16-40 volts (AC/DC)
  • Bluetooth communications
  • Unique magnetic mounting base allows the unit to be mounted in almost any location/orientation
  • 3-modes of synchronization (GPS/AC-line/non-sync)
  • Operating ambient: -40 to +55°C (-40 to 131°F)
  • External relay on/off compensation
  • Thermal overload shutdown
  • User programmable on/off times (0.1 to 500.0 seconds)
  • Battery packs available
  • 12V DC Control signal for external relay available
The CGI-100 is available for online purchase. For more information, technical details, or for help determining the right part for your rectifier, please send all inquiries to