Dairyland Polarization Cell Replacement

Dairyland PCR

Maintenance free isolation and protection on your structure is critical. Dairyland’s Polarization Cell Replacement units (PCR’s) can provide this purpose. While similar to the Dairyland SSD by using solid-state technology, the PCR is more robust and can be made with higher fault current ratings. The PCR can decouple cathodic protection systems on pipelines, tanks, grounding systems and cable casings from AC continuity/grounding systems.


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Original Solid-State design, offering a larger current range and threshold versus other devices
Available in -3/+1V standard or -2/+2V, -4/+1V and -6/+1V threshold voltages
AC steady start current (amperes – rms) 50/60Hz 45A (standard) or 80A (optional)
Lightning surge current 100kA crest (8 x 10 µs waveform)
Nema 4x rated Enclosure (Nema 6p optional)
Rated for Class 1, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D

Dairyland PCR Fault Chart

Typical applications for a Dairyland PCR would be with gradient control decoupling mats, for insulated joint protection, ac voltage mitigation and decoupling electric equipment grounding systems. 

When ordering a Dairyland PCR, please indicate the blocking threshold, AC fault current, lightning surge current and terminal arrangement style required. Please see the model number description below.

Dairyland PCR Model info

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