DC Lightning Arrester

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Corrpro® secondary lightning arresters are designed to prevent electrical surges from lightning, load switching or other sources from exceeding the insulation barrier of your equipment. They divert the electrical surge away from your equipment by providing an alternate low resistance path to ground during periods of abnormally high voltage.

Our DC lightning arresters are certified to CSA C22.2 No. 269.4-17 Type 4 and UL 1449 standards, and come in a variety of configurations to meet your needs. They are available with and without a ground wire, and the mounting terminals fit standard rectifier output lug spacing.

 The following ratings are available:

   Configuration       Operating Voltage       Nominal Discharge Current   
 3 wire 60 VDC 20 kA
 2 wire 100 VDC 20 kA
3 wire 100 VDC 20 kA
2 wire 250 VDC 20 kA
3 wire 250 VDC 20 kA


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  • Available for systems up to 250 VDC.
  • Available in two or three wire configurations. Three wire devices include a ground wire.
  • Small size.
  • Certified to CSA and UL standards.
  • Please send all part inquiries to cpcaquotes@aegion.com.

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