CRC-100 (Corrpro Rectifier Controller)

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The CRC-100 is designed to be a total solution for any rectifier application. It can replace many, if not all, of the individual boards associated with most rectifiers.The CRC-100 can be retrofitted into almost any cathodic protection transformer rectifier.

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  • True RMS
  • Three individually programmable alarms (volts/current/potential)
  • User programmable alarm high/low set-points and programmable hysteresis
  • Six digit by three row high intensity alphanumeric LED display
  • High-intensity RGB LED status indicators for alarms, interrupt and mode
  • User programmable password protection for authorized personnel system setup/alterations
  • Bluetooth (optional)
  • AC line synchronized interruption (external high power relay/SSR required)
  • Timed mode (0.1 to 500.0 seconds on/off)
  • CIS mode
  • WFA mode
  • Potential input (optional)
  • RS232 serial interface (optional)
  • SCR controller, constant voltage/current/potential control and IR-free mode support (optional)
  • GPS synchronized interruption(optional)
  • Local external interrupt input (optional)
  • User programmable display sleep mode
  • Free lifetime firmware updates
  • One-year warranty against defective components and faulty workmanship from date of purchase 
  • Voltage input range 0-20VDC or 0-200VDC
  • Current shunt input range 0-200mVDC
  • Potential input range (option) +/- 2000mVDC or +/-20VDC or +/- 200VDC
  • Full 4 digit metering on volts and amps
  • 3.5 digit metering on potential (option)
  • Metering: +/-2 percent F.S.D.
  • Operating ambient: -40° to +45°C (-40° to 113°F)
  • Robust housing constructed from marine grade aluminum
  • Durable Lexan front panel
  • High-quality low temperature rated embedded membrane switches utilized in the keypad
  • Six digit by three row high intensity alphanumeric LED display is robust and has excellent high and low operating temperature extremes far surpassing any LCD display
  • Three 1A @ 125VAC onboard relays (NO/COM/NC)
  • Externally powered from a 12- to 24-volt AC step-down transformer

Currently, the CRC-100 is available online with the following options:

  • Current and voltage monitoring
  • Current and voltage alarms
  • GPS synchronized interruption

 If other options are required, please request a quote by emailing

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