FRM (Fuse Replacement Module)

Corrpro's electronic Fuse Replacement Module (FRM) is a microprocessor controlled device that monitors the AC secondary current of the rectifier inductively (non-contact). Should the current exceed the programmed maximum programmed value, the module will trip the circuit breaker, thereby shutting down the rectifier.If the FRM tripped the circuit breaker, upon power up the FRM will indicate this with a violet status indicator (trip memory). Unlike traditional fuses, the electronic module does not require de-rating for high temperatures, and no live components are exposed on the front panel of the rectifier. Additionally, the module can be factory programmed with adjustable time delays from 0-2 seconds in 0.25 second increments to handle inrush currents at rectifier start up. The FRM module can replace almost any AC fuse, and can be retrofitted into just about any manufacturer’s rectifier. An optional TTL-RS232 converter is available to allow field programming/adjustments of the module.

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  • Programmable inrush current delay
  • Programmable trip point (125%, 150% or 175%) from maximum value
  • High intensity RGB LED status indicator
  • FRM trip memory (upon power up)
  • Field programmable 
  • No heat generation
  • No temperature de-rating
  • No need for spare fuses
  • Current input range 5-100 Amperes AC
  • Operating ambient: -40° to +45°C (-40° to 113°F)
  • Robust housing constructed from marine grade aluminum
  • Durable lexan front panel
  • Externally powered from a 12 to 24 volt AC step-down transformer or DC supply
The FRM (Fuse Replacement Module) is available for online purchase. For more information, technical details, or for help determining the right part for your rectifier, please send all inquiries to