TASC Control

The TASC Control Card is designed to control the output of an automatic rectifier by comparing the resulting potential measurement to a user defined set-point. The user can also set maximum limits on the output voltage and current of the rectifier for added control. Enhanced surge protection and galvanic isolation provide durability in tough environments, and on-board switches allow easy modification for the card to be used with almost any SCR controlled rectifier.

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  • Red, green, and orange LEDs to indicate the control mode of the PIV control board
  • Voltage limit, potential set-point, and current limit are set using easily accessible potentiometers. Potentiometers can be panel mounted for ease of control
  • Switch between IR-free and non IR-free measurements easily by changing a jumper
  • Transient absorbers protect the potential measurement from electrical surges caused by lightning and other sources
  • Up to +/- 2V potential measurement limit
  • Current readings taken from current shunt from 50mV to 250mV
  • Voltage readings up to 150V DC
  • 115 VAC power required
The TASC control board is available for online purchase. For more information, technical details, or for help determining the right part for your rectifier, please send all inquiries to cpcaquotes@aegion.com.