Touch-Free Rectifier

The Corrpro® Touch-Free Air-Cooled Rectifier series is designed to meet industry requirements for operator-safe rectifiers (touch free). This is achieved by limiting accessibility to energized parts within the rectifier, depending on which door is accessed. The Touch-Free Rectifier has CSA/UL approved quality components and our certified manufacturing methods achieve an advanced safety rectifier for the cathodic protection industry.

The mode of operation is performed by stepping down the incoming AC power, then isolating and rectifying it to a controlled DC output. Input overload & short circuit protection is provided by magnetic-trip circuit breakers. Output protection is by means of a fusing device in the transformer secondary (optional secondary protection by means of our FRM [fuse replacement module]). Primary AC/DC lightning protection is provided by high energy metal oxide varistor (MOV) arrestors. Secondary surge suppression is by disk-style MOVs. The DC output is controlled by rotary tap switches with 25-steps of combined adjustment. Standard DC output meters are analog with the option of upgrading them to digital or CRC controller.

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  • Slide out chassis with easy access for field servicing by journeymen electricians or A.I.T. graduates
  • Full-wave silicon controlled rectification
  • High-energy AC input surge protection
  • High energy DC output surge protection
  • Secondary AC surge protection
  • DC meter probe sockets for measurement verification
  • All brass/copper hardware finished in electroless nickel plate for superior corrosion prevention
  • Wall or pole mounting (optional floor stands)
  • One-year warranty against defective components and faulty workmanship from date of purchase
  • Full complement of options to tailor the rectifier to the specific installation requirements
  • 3.5” analog metering

Single phase inputs: 115, 115/230, 230, 230/460, 460 & 600 VAC., 60 Hz (50Hz optional)

  • Secondary AC circuit protection
  • Output voltage 8 to 100 volts DC
  • Output current 4 to 100 amperes DC
  • Cooling by natural air convection
  • Cabinet rated Type 3R; constructed of 12 or Ga. mill galvanized steel, finished in 3-5 mils, fusion bond polyester powder paint, white
  • CNC cut, fully engraved front panel, and/or lamacoid labels
  • Standard 25-steps of adjustment using rotary tap switches
  • Operating ambient: -40° to +45°C (-40° to 113°F)
  • Transformer constructed to Class H (180°C/256°F) temperature requirements with a minimum efficiency of 95 percent

Optional FRM (fuse replacement module) 

  • Programmable inrush current delay
  • No heat generation
  • High-intensity RGB LED status indicator
  • Real time clock for logging when the module is tripped (optional)
  • Optional plug and play
  • Ability to remove the rectifier without disconnecting the AC input wires
  • Removes power to the rectifier once unit is pulled out

Optional CRC-100 (Corrpro® rectifier controller)

  • Three individually programmable alarms (volts/current/potential)
  • Six digit by three row high intensity alphanumeric LED display
  • AC line synchronized interruption (external high power relay/SSR required) for timed, CIS, & WFA modes

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