Hazardous Location Oil-Cooled Rectifier

The Corrpro® Hazardous Location Oil-Cooled Rectifier is designed for applications where tank farms, refineries or other applications require explosion proof rectifiers. The Corrpro® Hazardous Location Oil-Cooled Rectifier provides 25 steps of manual tap adjustment. Explosion proof fittings make this rectifier suitable for Class 1, Division 2 and Group D hazardous environments. Incoming AC power is stepped down and isolated, controlled by the 25-step transformer and rectified to a controlled DC output.

Input overload and short circuit protection are provided by a combination fuse/switch and output protection by means of a one-time fuse in the transformer secondary. Primary AC/DC surge protection and secondary surge protection is provided by disk-style metal oxide varistors (MOVs). Upgraded lightning protection is available as option V.

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  • Floor mounting as "standard construction".
  • Dual meters for DC output voltage and current.
  • Full-wave silicon rectification.
  • AC input surge protection.
  • DC output surge protection.
  • Secondary AC surge protection.
  • Transformer constructed to Class “H” (180°C/356°F) temperature requirements with a minimum efficiency of 95%.
  • All brass/copper hardware finished in electroless nickel plate for superior corrosion prevention.
  • One year warranty, from date of purchase against defective components, and faulty workmanship.
  • Single phase inputs: 115, 115/230, 230, 230/460, 460 & 60 VAC, 60 Hz (50Hz optional)
  • Three phase inputs: 208, 230, 480, & 600 VAC, 60 Cycle (50 Hz. optional).
  • Input circuit breakers and secondary fuses for full overload & short circuit protection.
  • Standard 25-steps of tap link bar adjustment
  • Output voltage range from 8 to 200 volts DC.
  • Output current range from 4 to 400 amperes DC.
  • Special output or input ratings available on request.
  • Metering: 2% meters, temperature compensated.
  • Cooling by natural air convection.
  • Operating ambient: -40° to +45°C (-40° to 113°F). Cabinet rated TYPE 4; constructed from 12 Ga. steel finished in POWDER PAINT, WHITE.
  • CNC cut, fully engraved front panel, or lamicoid labels.
  • Stainless steel hardware

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