Copper Sulfate Anti-Freeze

Corrpro Anti-freeze
Taking portable pipe to soil measurements during the winter months can be troublesome. With Corrpro’s Copper Sulfate Anti-Freeze solution you can eliminate one of the biggest potential problems you may face in the winter, a frozen half-cell. Rated for temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius (-4 degrees Fahrenheit), the Anti-freeze solution will keep your portable half-cell operating without the risk of freezing or cracking.
  • Mixture of saturated Copper Sulfate, Glycerin and de-ionized water
  • Available in 250mL bottle size
When servicing your half-cell, replace the standard de-ionized water from your cell with copper sulfate anti-freeze solution for the cold winter months. Make sure when the solution is poured in the reference cell, copper sulfate crystals are added to the mixture to ensure the solution is saturated and copper sulfate crystals are visible. 

When ordering the copper sulfate anti-freeze solution, please indicate how many bottles of anti-freeze solution you would require and if copper sulfate crystal jars would also be required. 


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