Tinker & Rasor 2-A Pencil Cell

T&R 2-A Reference cell Pencil Style

For either use in the field where minimal ground access is present or in lab scenarios, the Tinker & Rasor 2-A Pencil Cell can be used for taking potential readings. Roughly the same size as a pencil (3/8” x 5-3/4”, 9.53mm x 14.6mm), the pencil cell can fit into cracks and gaps in pavement for critical potential readings. 


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Come in a kit with reference cell, copper sulfate crystals and solution
3/8” x 5-3/4” body size (9.53mm x 14.6mm)
Clear viewing window on side of pencil body
Optional extension handle available
The Tinker & Rasor 2-A pencil cell can be used for Pipe-to-soil potentials, Structure-to-Cell potentials and for lab use. Included with the pencil cell at time of order is a small container of copper sulfate crystals and anti-freeze solution.
When ordering the T&R 2-A pencil cell, please indicate the number of reference cells you would require. 

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