Tinker & Rasor 6-B Electrode

T&R 6-B Reference Cell Pointed Tip

In the scenario when soft soil conditions are present, the Tinker & Rasor 6-B pointed tipped reference electrode offers a competitive option. The pointed tip helps penetrate soft soils, while also providing additional surface area compared to flat tipped options. To gain additional surface area the 6-B has grooves running along the ceramic tip. The 6-B cell is built with a highly durable plastic body and comes with a high purity copper core rode for accurate readings.


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Highly durable plastic body
High purity copper core rode
Pointed tip ceramic plug front end
6” length, 1-1/4” diameter
The Tinker & Rasor 6-B portable reference electrode is used to measure pipe to soil potential reading at the grounds surface. The pointed ceramic plug is to be pushed into the soil where the potential readings are to be made. Once the cell is placed in the ground, connected to a true RMS multi-meter through the negative terminal, the positive connection can be touched to the structure to give the potential reading.   

When ordering a T&R 6-B portable reference electrode, please make sure to indicate the quantity of cell’s you may require. Corrpro offers replacement copper/copper sulfate crystals for servicing the reference electrode, as well as copper sulfate anti-freeze solution for winter performance of the reference cell. The reference cell does not come with a lead to connect to a true RMS multi-meter. Corrpro offers a selection of lead assemblies for the reference cell. 

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