Borin Stealth 2

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Borin Manufacturing offers a large selection of permanent reference electrodes for a variety of applications. The Stealth 2 reference electrode is a solid-state electrode ideal for buried soil and concrete applications. The porous sensing area is larger than competing products at 32 in², allowing for accurate readings that are not reliant on the electrodes positioning. Unlike similar competitive products, the Stealth 2 reference electrode doesn’t rely on back fill materials to bring moisture to the sensing surface, as a result the Stealth 2 will not dry out in desert soil. The Stealth 2 is available in Copper Sulfate, Silver Chloride, Zinc Sulfate and Palladium Chloride options for a variety of applications.


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Available in Copper Sulfate, Silver Chloride, Zinc Sulfate and Palladium Chloride options
32 in² of sensing surface area. 
Working temperature range of 32°F to 176°F (0°C to 80°C)
30-year service life
Standard lead length 20’ of #14 RHH-RHW wire. Custom lengths available.
Reference electrodes are colour coded for identification

The Stealth 2 reference cells are designed to be used in chloride and chloride-free environments. The Palladium Chloride and Silver Chloride work best in chloride environments, while the Copper Sulfate and Zinc Sulfate models are best used in chloride free conditions.

When ordering the Stealth 2 reference electrodes, please indicate which model you would need for your application, along with the lead length required to install properly. 

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