EDI Model UL Copper Sulfate Reference electrode

EDI Reference cell

Electrochemical Devices Inc., (EDI) offer an extensive line of permanent and portable reference electrodes. With over 30 year’s experience, EDI’s UL series copper-sulfate reference electrode offers a reliable, durable solution for a permanent electrode installation. The UL series has a design life of 30 years standard. The reference electrode is manufactured with a 50’, HMWPE #14 AWG black lead wire and is packaged in a cotton bag with a gypsum-bentonite backfill. 


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Comes with 50’ HMWPE #14 AWG black lead
Built with a standard design life of 30 years
Packaged with a gypsum-bentonite backfill
High purity copper core located in a durable PVC housing
The EDI UL series reference electrode is to be installed as close as possible to the intended structure. The electrode can either be laid down along side of a pipeline or placed underneath a tank for accurate readings. After installation the electrode should be checked against a portable electrode to test the accuracy of the installation.
The EDI UL copper-sulfate reference electrode comes standard with a 50’ HMWPE #14 AWG black lead. If a longer lead wire is required, the electrode can be custom configured to meet your distance requirements. 

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