Corrpro Permacell Plus Permanent Reference Cells

cathodic protection materials

Permanent reference cells measure electrical potentials. Test stations provide contact points for surveying buried metallic structures. Combining these two devices, Corrpro developed Permacell Plus, a totally integrated monitoring system, which provides easy access to vital corrosion related data.

Electrical stability is the most important aspect of any reference cell. Permacell Plus has unsurpassed stability, with a 30-year design life and an accuracy level of within five millivolts. The system’s impressive performance is due in large part to its reference cell element. The cell is composed of a 99.99 percent pure copper element, which is housed in a specially designed porcelain cup. An inside track within the cup greatly reduces the chance for ion intermixing and ensures cell purity. Surrounding this cup is a thixotropic stabilized gel backfill. This backfill material greatly reduces the cell’s electrical resistance to the earth and does not require moistening.


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Permacell Plus can be used to measure the electrical potentials on all types of buried structures. It is offered with either pole- or flush-mount test stations (specify when ordering), and is ideally suited for buried structures, such as underground storage tanks, which are located under pavement or other impediments. The system is not recommended for use in areas with high chloride concentrations.

The Permacell Plus system is custom manufactured to meet the customer’s specifications. To order this monitoring system for your particular application, indicate that you need a Permacell Plus reference cell system and specify the quantity desired, the length of cell lead wires as well as the type and color of wire insulation.

An example is provided to illustrate this process.

Ordering Procedure Example: 

 Item  Example
 Quantity   200
 Product   Permanent Plus

 Wire length (ft.)
 (10-ft. = standard)

 Wire size 
 (Stranded or solid)
 (#14 AWG solid = standard)
 #14 AWG (solid)
 Wire insulation/color
 (HMWPE/yellow = standard)

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