Interference B2 Pedestal

B2 Interference

Interference between pipelines or structures can be very damaging to both objects. Interference may be caused when a competing cathodic protection system crosses the path of your main cathodic protection system. Mitigating this problem is critical but doesn’t have to be expensive. Corrpro’s Interference B2 Pedestal junction box can provide an adjustable amount of current between the structures. Equipped standard with a 1 Ohm – 300w slide resistor, you can change the amount of current going between the two structures and minimizing the interference generated. The current is measured on a standard 10A – 50mV shunt.

While interference mitigation is the main purpose for the IF B2 pedestal, it can also be used to apply a small amount of current on a secondary structure. With the slide resistor installed, you can select the amount of current required to protect the secondary circuit

Made of 12-gauge steel, green polyester powder coating
Built with a three-piece design for easy install
1 Ohm – 300w slide resistor
10A – 50mV shunt
XT-4 lugs attached capable of terminating #4-14 AWG input and output
An Interference B2 pedestal is recommended to be installed between two rival cathodic protection systems showing signs of interference. Line 1 should be attached to the primary cathodic protection system, while Line 2 is to be attached to the secondary cathodic protection system. After the two are attached, you slide the resistor while the main protection system is interrupted and the voltage shift on the secondary line minimizes. Performance of this bond should be monitored on a monthly basis, similar to a rectifier.
When ordering the Interference B2 Pedestal, please indicate the number of interference points that may need to be installed. To complete the install, you would require cable to connect the two structures to the pedestal and depending on the customers specifications you may need either exothermic connections or bolt-on connections to the structures. Please indicate the best connection method you would need at that time.

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