Six Circuit B2 Pedestal

B2 6-Ckt
When a semi-deep impressed current anode bed is installed or any anode bed consisting of six or less anodes, the Six-Circuit B2 Pedestal is a good option for terminating the anodes before going to the rectifier. The pedestal is built out of 12-gauge steel with green polyester powder coating to stand up to the harsh elements that are expected to be present at the anode bed location. The pedestal comes in a three-piece design for easy installation. Inside the enclosure is a six-circuit brass conductor bar, capable of terminating up to #6 AWG gauge wire. Two XT-4 lugs are attached onto the conductor bar to allow multiple B2 pedestals to be daisy chained together when multiple anode holes are present. 
  • Made of 12-gauge steel, green polyester powder coating
  • Built with a three-piece design for easy install
  • Six-circuit brass conductor bar for terminating #6-16 AWG wires
  • Two XT-4 lugs attached capable of terminating #4-14 AWG wires to allow the pedestal to be connected to other anode locations or to terminate into the rectifier
  • Comes with warning sticker on top indicating the B2 is part of a Cathodic Protection impressed current system.
The pedestal comes in three main pieces, the top door, the bottom door and the main housing body. The main housing body is 1825mm (72 inches) tall, designed to have 810mm (32 inches) buried underground. During installation, the top and bottom doors are easily removed for easy cable access and installation. When backfilling the B2 Pedestal, half of the bottom door is intended to be covered by soil and is marked with an indicator line to represent grade level. Inside the top part of the B2 panel is a six-circuit brass conductor bar, mounted on a phenolic panel, isolating the anode leads from the B2 panel itself. Mounted with the conductor bar are two XT-4 lugs, allowing you to either daisy chain multiples pedestals and anodes together or to go to the rectifier for final termination of the anode beds.
When ordering the six-circuit B2 pedestal, please indicate the number of pedestals that may be required to complete the installation of the ground bed. Please keep in mind if any additional backfilling materials or connection wires may be required for the installation.

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