Big FinkĀ® Cathodic Protection Test Station

Test Station

The Big Fink® cathodic protection test station is a field-proven, high-strength, maintenance-free terminal for monitoring electric currents and potentials. Since 1976 the Big Fink® CP test station has been utilized worldwide by gas, oil, chemical and water pipeline companies. Manufactured by Cott in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Los Angeles, California, it is available from Cott distributors everywhere.

*ISO:9001 certified


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  • Hardware: standard nickel plated brass or optional stainless steel for guaranteed long service life; up to 11 terminals accessible from both sides of the board
  • Accessories: all Big Fink® terminal boards can accommodate COTTShunts®, Slide Resistros, COTTMeters® (Volt or Amp) Burndy connectors, Cott bonding/shorting straps, Banana Jacks, ZAP Gard®, locking devices, lightning arrestors and flange mounting brackets
  • Colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, white and black are standard on Big Fink® and COTTPipe®. Any color is available as an option
  • Sizes: Available in models to fit 1 1/4", 2" and 3" pipe
  • Anchor: CottPipe® PE is easily installed and prevents pullout
  • Support post: CottPipe® PE (standard) polyethylene has over 20 years of proven durability. CottPipe® PC (optional) polycarbonate is available for the toughest appliations. Standard length 6 feet, available to 40 feet
  • CP test station: Cap, terminal board and collect nut made from Makrolon® polycarbonate, one of the toughest plastics in the world
Corrpro supplies a full line of Cott Big Fink® CP test stations. To order the required Cott Big Fink® test station for your structure, indicate that you need Cott Big Fink®, and specify the quantity desired, type of Cott Big Fink® and configuration type.

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