Cott Flush Fink

Test Station Street Fink Head

In high traffic areas like parks or walk ways the Cott Big fink is not always the best solution. Cott Manufacturing’s Flush Fink test head allows full Big Fink capabilities but is installed at grade. Built with 11 terminal locations and shipped standard with nickel plated brass hardware, the Big Fink is designed for long service for multiple structure connections. The Flush fink comes in a variety of colours and is designed to work with a list of Cott manufactures and industry standard accessories.


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11 terminal locations on the board
Comes standard with nickel plated brass hardware
Available in seven lid colours: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, White and Black
Watertight seal when bolted down
The Flush Fink test station head is designed to be used for remote connection to underground structures for cathodic protection monitoring in areas you don’t want the test station to stand out. A couple of examples would be for road crossings with casings, multiple pipes rand side by side for identification and testing or when pipes intersect for testing purposes. The Flush fink can also be used for monitoring current bonds or sacrificial anode bed installations.
The Cott Flush Fink comes in a variety of colours and can be used for a variety of applications. When ordering, please identify the colour required and the application the test head would be used for. Keep in mind the large variety of accessories available for the test stations head.

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