Holloway RS 0.01 Ohm Shunt

Holloway Shunt
Current monitoring in cathodic protection is essential to determine the effectiveness of the corrosion prevention system. Holloway RS Type shunts give a versatile and reliable option for measuring current transfer in the cathodic protection system. Made from #12 Manganin wire with tinned ends, the wire shunt provides a 0.01-ohm resistance (5 amp – 50mV) for accurate reading. The shunt has two #14 tinned copper wire leads that come directly off the #12 Manganin wire. These leads are the two test points of the shunt to measure your voltage difference when calculating the current draw. The maximum capacity of the shunt is 6 amps, making it ideal for most galvanic systems.
  • 0.01-ohm resistance (5A – 50mV)
  • 6 amps maximum capacity
  • Made from #12 Manganin wire
  • Overall length of 5-3/4”
The Holloway RS shunt is very versatile due to its wire style design. Being a wire style shunt, it can be worked into place for unconventional application. The shunt can be used in junction boxes, test stations or as an inline shunt for measuring current flow. The tinned end points of the #12 wire are ideal for soldered connections or for crimp on connections.
Corrpro offers the RS type shunt for a variety of applications. When ordering the shunt, please indicate the indented use of the shunt and the quantity of shunts required to complete your task.

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