Test Station Shunts

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When a galvanic anode bed is installed in the ground, monitoring the performance of the anodes through a Test Station Shunt is critical. Available in three resistance values, the test station shunts can provide the correct resistor for the application. Made with a polycarbonate material, the shunt is impact resistant, fire resistant and gives great UV stabilization. 


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  • Orange 0.001 Ohm resistor, 25 Amp max
  • Yellow 0.01 Ohm resistor, 8 Amp max
  • Red 0.1 Ohm resistor, 2 Amp max
  • Will fit most standard cathodic protection test stations with 1” on centre mounting
  • Made with Polycarbonate (Lexan) material
  • Operating temperature rating -76°C to 122°C (-105°F to 252°F)
In a test station set up to monitor a ground bed, selecting the correct test station shunt is key. Designed to fit into most industry standard test station heads with 1” on centre connection points, the shunt come in three resistance values 0.1 Ohm, 0.01 Ohm and 0.001 Ohm. When installed in the test station, the shunt works best in conjunction with screw lugs installed on each side of the shunt, one for the structure connection, one for the anode bed connection. The use of a screw lug allows for easy disconnection of the anode bed so you can complete a current interrupted survey. 
When ordering a test station shunt, please note the number of shunts and which resistance value is required to complete your project. If a test station is required, please indicate which test station configuration you require, which shunt is required and which type of screw lugs would be needed for the task. 

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